Do you ever feel out of breath or rushed when you are talking?

Do you get sometimes get hoarse or lose your voice after speaking?

Do you feel like others don’t hear or listen to you in a group setting?

Do you dislike the sound of your voice?


The Speak Better Now Program is perfect for you if you want to overcome a specific communication challenge that makes it hard for you to speak comfortably and effectively, hindering your ability to convey your message and connect with your target audience.

What You Will Get:

In your first private 45 minute online coaching session, we will do a deep dive into your most pressing speaking challenge. You will gain clarity about why you have this specific issue. Kathryn will show you specific tips, techniques, and exercises customized to help you overcome this difficulty.

Between sessions, Kathryn will provide you with text and email support as needed to answer your questions and coach you as you learn to use your new speaking techniques and exercises. This may include analysis of a brief audio recording you send to Kathryn.

In your second private 45 minute online coaching session, Kathryn will give you feedback on your progress and provide additional coaching and suggestions so you can continue to incorporate your new communication practices into your daily life so that they become habits.