Features and benefits of 3 month (12 week) program “Communicate with Confidence”


  • 1) You will gain greater awareness of your own communication patterns/ habits.
  • 2) You will gain confidence when speaking.
  • 3) You will learn how to capture and hold your listeners’ attention.
  • 4) You will find your authentic voice.
  • 5) You will learn to speak with authority.
  • 6) You will expand your avenues of expression.
  • 7) You will learn to hold your own when you communicate.

Features: This program includes 7 private video conference coaching sessions with Kathryn, one hour each, via Zoom. The first two sessions are scheduled 1 week apart to jump-start your results and reinforce your learning. The remaining sessions are scheduled 2 weeks apart to allow time to practice your new skills and speaking habits.

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