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I offer programs designed to meet your needs, practical strategies for reinforcing and implementing your new speaking habits, flexible hours to fit your schedule, and personal coaching to assure your success.

Communicate with Confidence

About Me

I am a communication and speaking coach. As a recovering shy person, I understand firsthand the challenges that lacking confidence can present when communicating. This led me on a lifelong journey to gain that confidence first for myself and then to help others do the same. I began my 20+ year career as a speech-language pathologist which is where helping people communicate clearly became the focus of my work. Now, I help speakers, entrepreneurs, and executives to better use their voice so they communicate clearly and confidently and sound like the expert they are. I teach them the simple tools and techniques they need to connect with their listeners, grow their business, and achieve their goals.

My Promise

I provide you with coaching that helps you communicate more confidently and clearly, capturing and holding your listener’s attention so that your message is heard. My approach provides you with daily strategies for building practice time into your routine, giving you convenient and effective ways to help establish your new speech and voice habits. I also provide you with the support system you need while building more Confident Communications. So, whether you want to get rid of your stage fright, learn to produce a more pleasing and melodic voice that projects well, or just learn to speak with more precision and polish, I am the partner that can help ensure your success.


Communicating with confidence gives you the ability to focus on being present in a conversation.


When you can articulate clearly and project your voice easily, people can focus on your message instead of your voice.


When you create an appealing melody with your voice, you will be able to capture and hold the attention of your listeners and better convey your authority and expertise.


“Kathryn Woods’ voice training is pure gold!  The work I did with Kathryn to prep my voice for an upcoming video series is invaluable.  After forever believing there was no hope for my cringe-and-bear-it recorded voice, Kathryn’s tools and techniques created subtle changes to the sound of my voice making a bigger impact on how I use my voice in business for more effective phone calls with prospects, more confident networking, and less stressful video recording. Thank you for doing what you do, Kathryn!”

Susie Shina, REALTOR®, Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage Board of Directors

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